Nearly 15 Years of Excellence

In Fall 2021, Academy Days will celebrated 15 years of a proven track record for college- and career-bound homeschoolers. With the blessings of Christian families, committed church, and supportive cover school, we look forward to the next 15!

Spring Semester Classes

New enrollments for Spring 2021 are open now! Cllick on CLASSES on the menu to view the schedule, and email carren(at)outookacademy(dot)com to sign up for a class. Deadline to sign up is March 5.

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Academy Days Co-op and our members have been in the news many times over the years. Click on NEWS on the menu and scroll down to read the articles.

Recipes for Historical Meals

Each semester we host one historical meal, such as Medieval Feast, Roaring '20s, Food Around the World, and more! Students dress in costumes, and parents bring the food! Click on NEWS for delicious recipes.

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Would you like to have lesson plans already prepared for all kinds of subjects, be part of a supportive community of fellow homeschoolers, but avoid the risk of infection and not have to go online for classes? Then Academy Days Co-op may be just right for you this spring!

Perhaps best of all, the entire cost for spring semester is ONLY $20 per family!

CLICK HERE to see the Spring 2021 Schedule with available spaces. To enroll, emall your name, city, children's names, grade levels, and the classes they would like to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We reply via email usually within a couple of hours.

To protect our members with compromised immune systems and respect our church venue's policy of no large groups, Academy Days Co-op will continue remotely for Spring 2021. Here's how our virtual co-op works:

1. Parents will receive lesson plans with detailed instructions from their children's teachers for each class, so no worries with organizing or preparing every subject!
2. Some teachers may include links to videos or informative web sites, and others may provide a video of their children performing the experiment or activity, but the experiment or activity can be conducted just as easily without these for families with poor Internet.
3. Additionally, some teachers may schedule a Zoom class or an hour at the park to conduct a group activity. However, families are NOT obligated to participate in the Zoom or park meetings – we know some families have poor Internet or want to avoid risk of infection.
4. Classes with homework (only gr. 7-12) will give parents the option of having their child email homework to the teachers for accountability or correction, so your child will have someone else to answer to and you will have someone with more expertise checking their work! Alternatively, parents can maintain sole responsibility -- perfect for those parents who simply want a schedule and detailed lesson plans prepared for them and don't want the hassle of emailing homework to the teachers each week!
5. Supplies for the experiments, crafts and activities each week will be common household items when possible and purchased by the parent, so purchasing supplies is virtually your ONLY class fee.

As usual, parents can sign up their children for just one class or several classes. Academy Days Co-op is open to all homeschoolers, whether in a cover school or independent.

Contact us to enroll today and make Spring 2021 your most relaxed, productive semester yet!

Click here to read what families are saying about Academy Days Co-op.



To read about our Pajama Day, click here or click the photo. Academy Days Co-op celebrated its 10-year anniversary way back in Fall 2016! Our co-op owes its longevity and success to the Lord, Who works through all the parents contributing their ideas and volunteering their time and expertise every semester. Not every parent teaches a class, and we certainly appreciate those who do teach, but we also value parents who assist teachers, set up, clean up, organize events, encourage and help each other. We parents determine the classes and actually run the co-op. By working together and adapting to fit members' needs, our co-op thrives and all the children and parents benefit!

As a Christian homeschool co-op, we base our guidelines on precepts from the Bible, and classes are taught from a Christian worldview. Nevertheless, as an inclusive group, we welcome all families from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and homeschool styles.

Academy Days Co-op has been serving the homeschool community since the 2006-2007 school year. Since then, more than 75% of our graduates have progressed to college or university (77.7%). We are very proud of our industrious students and dedicated team teachers! Of course, college is not a prerequisite for success in life, and we also applaud those graduating students over the years who have successfully pursued employment, entrepreneurship, missions, or the military instead of college.

Our success must be one of the reasons why so many co-ops are following our format and policies. Indeed, we are thankful that other homeschoolers have found our operations to be so useful as to be copied to create their own co-ops. We have been working out the kinks in Academy Days Co-op since 2006. Apparently, by following the Lord's Will, we have done something right, and they think so as well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we appreciate the compliment.


"Thank you so much for co-op.
We have learned so many things
and are better cooks, chemists, and historians
because of our time spent there."
~ Lisa, former co-op parent

Would participating in a homeschool co-op invigorate or exhaust you and your family at this time in your lives? The advantages and disadvantages of homeschool co-ops should be considered before signing up for any co-op. Please weigh all of them as you prayerfully consider what the Lord may have planned for your family this year.

To help you make an informed decision, please browse our site and read our Frequently Asked Questions and these articles below. Keep in mind that many of these apply to when we meet in person, which we're unable to do right now. However, we still prayerfully hope to meet again for classes in Fall 2021. In the meantime, we are making the best of our remote co-op situation!

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