Punch Bowl Cake Print

1 bag Heath Bar chips
1 large Cool Whip
toffee chips
1 chocolate cake mix with necessary ingredients
1 vanilla cake mix with necessary ingredients
2 large boxes of pudding (one vanilla and one chocolate)

Bake the 2 cake mix cakes. Mix the 2 large boxes of pudding. Break cake up into large chunks. Layer, alternating between flavors of cake, pudding, and cool whip in a punch bowl. Sprinkle Heath bar chips between layers, finish with cool whip, then top with toffee chips.

This is a great dessert for large crowds and a wonderful use of a fallen or torn cake.  You can get really creative and use different flavors of cake and toppings -- fruit, berries, candies, ice cream toppings, etc.

Brought by Lori Herrring