Nearly 15 Years of Excellence

As of 2021, Academy Days Co-op celebrates 15 years of a proven track record for college- and career-bound homeschoolers. With the Lord's blessing, we look forward to the next 15!

Fall Semester Classes

New enrollments for Fall 2021 will open in mid-May! Cllick on CLASSES on the menu for the schedule, and email carren(at)outookacademy(dot)com to sign up for a class. Deadline to sign up for fall is July 30.

Read about Co-op in the News

Academy Days Co-op and our members have been in the news many times over the years. Click on NEWS on the menu and scroll down to read the articles.

Recipes for Historical Meals

Each semester we host one historical meal, such as Medieval Feast, Roaring '20s, Food Around the World, and more! Students dress in costumes, and parents bring the food! Click on NEWS for delicious recipes.

  • Newsflash   ( 4 Articles )

    Read the articles that scroll on our banner!

  • Classes   ( 7 Articles )

    Read about our past, present and future classes as well as registration information.

  • Information & Events   ( 6 Articles )

    Read about the pros and cons of co-op, members' comments, upcoming events, and other general information.

  • Co-op in the News   ( 35 Articles )

    Academy Days Co-op has been in the news many times over the years. Read some of the articles here.

  • Recipes for Passover Seder   ( 5 Articles )

    For our study of Egypt, we hold a modified Passover Seder. Here are several delicious recipes from our Passover Seder historical meal.

  • Recipes for Greek Feast   ( 15 Articles )

    To end our study on Ancient Greece, we hold our own Greek Feast! Here are several recipes from this historical meal. Enjoy!

  • Recipes for Medieval Feast   ( 11 Articles )

    We culminate our study of the Middle Ages with a Medieval Feast -- but with no forks! In addition to buying a few rotisserie chickens from the deli of the local grocery store, we bring a few delicious homemade dishes. Here are the recipes for you to enjoy at home -- you decide if you want to use forks or not. 

  • Recipes for "Celebrate America" Feast   ( 16 Articles )
    As part of our study of U.S. history, our Celebrate America Feast features dishes "discovered" in the Americas, such as turkey, potatoes, corn, chocolate, etc. Additionally, some families who have moved to Alabama from another state bring dishes famous in their home states.
  • Recipes for Roaring '20s Feast   ( 8 Articles )

    No study of U.S. history is complete without a Roaring Twenties Feast! We hold a costume contest and bring dishes that include recipes and ingredients "invented" during the 1920s, such as the Waldorf-Astoria's signature dessert from the 1920s, the Red Velvet Cake, and that classic casserole ingredient, Velveeta. Enjoy these recipes!

  • Recipes for "Food Around the World" Feast   ( 29 Articles )

    As part of our study of World Geography and Ancient Civilizations, we hold a buffet mid-semester featuring food from around the world. As with all our history feasts, not everyone brings their recipes, but you can benefit from the ones who do!

  • Sides, Desserts and Dips!   ( 13 Articles )

    On the last day of co-op, families bring all sorts of side dishes, desserts and dips to go with fried chicken (November) or pizza (May). Try these delicious dishes!

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