More Than 10 Years of Excellence

In Fall 2016, Academy Days celebrated 10 years of a proven track record for college- and career-bound homeschoolers. With the blessings of Christian families, committed church, and supportive cover school, we look forward to the next 10!

Fall Semester Classes

New enrollments for Fall 2020 are open now! Cllick on CLASSES on the menu to view the schedule, and email carren(at)outookacademy(dot)com to sign up for a class. Deadline to sign up is August 4.

Read about Co-op in the News

Academy Days Co-op and our members have been in the news many times over the years. Click on NEWS on the menu and scroll down to read the articles.

Recipes for Historical Meals

Each semester we host one historical meal, such as Medieval Feast, Roaring '20s, Food Around the World, and more! Students dress in costumes, and parents bring the food! Click on NEWS for delicious recipes.

Spring 2021 Class Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Academy Days Co-op is now open for new spring semester enrollments until February 5. To enroll or for more information, email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your name, phone, address, children's names, grade levels, and classes. We will confirm via email, so please check for replies regularly.

Be sure to hit REFRESH or RELOAD on your browser to get the most updated page. 

Below is a "quick list" of classes with available spaces. CLICK HERE to open a PDF of detailed class descriptions. 

Since we will not be meeting in classrooms at the church for Spring 2021, classes are no longer divided by period. Students may enroll in just one class or as many as they want!

Psychology gr. 7-12 (4 spaces)
Math Tutor gr. 7-12 (2 spaces)
Literature & Creative Writing gr. 7-12 (2 spaces)
German I gr. 8-12 (2 spaces)
World History gr. 7-12 (2 spaces)
British History gr. 7-12 (6 spaces)
Apologia's Biology gr. 8-12 (1 space)
Forensic Science gr. 8-12 (4 spaces)
Apologia's General Science gr. 7-10 (5 spaces)

Storm Chasers: Wild Weather and Extreme Conditions gr. 3-6 (4 spaces)
STEM from A to Z for preschool-kindergarten and gr. 1-2 (2 spaces)
Survival Skills gr. 4-8 (2 spaces)
Full STEAM Ahead! gr. 1-5 (1 space)
Write On! gr. 3-6 (4 spaces)
Story Time for preschool-kindergarten and gr. 1-2 (6 spaces)
World History gr. 5-6 (4 spaces)
World History gr. 3-4 (3 spaces)
World History gr. 1-2 (3 spaces)

For Spring 2021: Co-op membership is $20 per family and classes are free!
Teachers will provide parents with detailed lesson plans to follow along at home. Parents will purchase supplies for the crafts, actvities and experiments, and that will be considered the "class fee."

Team Teachers
All classes have what we call "team teachers" (two or three parents who teach) to ensure a low teacher-student ratio. Our teachers are fellow homeschooling parents with a degree, special knowledge, work experience or passion for the subject that they want to share with students. You do NOT have to teach a class to enroll your child, but team teaching a class will waive the membership fee entirely so membership would be FREE. For spring, team teaching simply means helping prepare or update previous lesson plans.

To sign up, email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your name, city, phone, children's names, ages, grades, and what classes they would like. If you miss the deadline, we will put you on the early notification list for the following semester.


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