Nearly 15 Years of Excellence

As of 2021, Academy Days Co-op celebrates 15 years of a proven track record for college- and career-bound homeschoolers. With the Lord's blessing, we look forward to the next 15!

Fall Semester Classes

New enrollments for Fall 2021 will open in mid-May! Cllick on CLASSES on the menu for the schedule, and email carren(at)outookacademy(dot)com to sign up for a class. Deadline to sign up for fall is July 30.

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Recipes for Historical Meals

Each semester we host one historical meal, such as Medieval Feast, Roaring '20s, Food Around the World, and more! Students dress in costumes, and parents bring the food! Click on NEWS for delicious recipes.

Fall 2022 Class Schedule PDF Print E-mail

Enrollment for Fall 2022 is now open. Email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your name, phone, and address as well as your children's names, ages, grade levels for fall, and the classes they want. We will confirm via email, so please check for replies regularly. Deadline to sign up for Fall 2022 is July 21.

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Below is a "quick list" of classes with teachers and available spaces. Detailed class descriptions and class fees will be posted the last week of June. You can sign up for one, two, three or all four periods. Although many classes are full, situations change over summer, and spaces often open unexpectedly, so email to be placed on the waiting list.

1st Period (9:30 – 10:25 a.m.):
Chinese gr. 8-12: Joyce Zhang, Jenny Wu (4 spaces)
World Literature gr. 8-12: Amanda Lynch, Team teacher needed (7 spaces)
Shakespeare at His Best gr. 7-12: Diana Campbell, Team teacher needed (7 spaces)
Poetry and Short Stories gr. 7-12: Amber Farmer, Team teacher needed (3 spaces)
Grammar gr. 7-12: Shannon Dannelley, Alysa Flater (FULL)
Psychology gr. 8-12: Marcella Andreasen, Shelley Vest (FULL)
Study Hall gr. 7-12: Michael Ann Rushing (8 spaces)
Writing Warriors gr. 5-6: Robin Hall, Catherine Tapia, Christina Garrett (FULL)
Write On! gr. 3-4: Megan Coggin, Donna Hammock, Tricia Dyer (FULL)
Grammar Jammers gr. 1-2: Stephanie Hand, Sonya Maddox, Heather Green (FULL)
Bible Adventures P-K: Lisa Franklin, Ashley Ryals (5 spaces)
Tutoring Time gr. 1-6 (elementary version of study hall with help from a teacher): TBA (7 spaces)

2nd Period (10:30 – 11:25 a.m.):
PE gr. 6-12: Dane Self, Lindsey Baughcum, Nadine Strain, Elizabeth Leatherwood (FULL)
DIY Workshop gr. 7-12: Erin McAliley, Amy Brown, Tammy McDow (FULL)
Mixed Media Art gr. 7-12: Tiffany Ghigliotti, Team teacher needed (FULL)
Photography gr. 7-12: Venita Garner, Jerusha DuPre, Amanda Lynch (FULL)
Chess/Checkers gr. 4-12: John Halbrooks, Jason Nelson (1 space)
Study Hall gr. 7-12: TBA (7 spaces)
Scratch Computer Programming gr. 6-8: Shannon Dannelley, Lee Bullock (2 spaces)
Cake Decorating gr. 4-6: Michelle Lambert, Tricia Dyer, Amber Farmer (FULL)
Draw-Paint-Create gr. 3-6: Sara Ingram, Tiffany Lipska, Charlotte Mills (FULL)
LEGO Builders gr. 1-4: Rachel Chappell, Christina Garrett, Anne Zwerner (FULL)
Musical Mornings gr 1-4: Carol Rogers, Ashley Ryals (FULL)
Story Time P-K: Lisa Franklin, Brooke Woodfin (1 space)
Tutoring Time gr. 1-6 (elementary version of study hall with help from a teacher): TBA (8 spaces)

3rd Period (12:30 – 1:25 p.m.):
World Geography gr. 9-12: Michael Ann Rushing, Nadine Strain, Shelley Vest (3 spaces)
World Geography gr. 7-9: Megan Coggin, Tricia Dyer, Robin Hall (FULL)
World War II gr. 8-12: Tiffany Ghigliotti, Alysa Flater (2 spaces)
Study Skills for High School and College gr. 7-12: Carren Joye, Angela Segrest (FULL)
Current Events gr. 7-12: Diana Campbell, Team teacher needed (3 spaces)
American Sign Language gr. 7-12: Donna Hammock, Marcella Andreasen (FULL)
Study Hall gr. 7-12: TBA (7 spaces)
World Geography gr. 5-6: Erin McAliley, Alison Kloeppel, Alissabeth Taylor (FULL)
World Geography gr. 3-4: Kendra Miller, Amy Brown (FULL)
World Geography gr. 1-2: Stephanie Hand, Karla Amos, Venita Garner (FULL)
Fitness Fun P-K: Dane Self, Catherine Tapia (3 spaces)
Tutoring Time gr. 1-6 (elementary version of study hall with help from a teacher): Jerusha DuPre (4 spaces)

4th Period (1:30 – 2:25 p.m.):
Chemistry gr. 9-12: John Halbrooks, Shannon Dannelley (FULL)
Marine Biology gr. 9-12: Rachel Chappell, Kendra Miller (2 spaces)
Biology gr. 8-12: Robin Hall, Marcella Andreasen (FULL)
Forensic Science gr. 7-12: Karla Amos, Shelley Vest (FULL)
Science in the Atomic Age gr. 7-10: Alissabeth Taylor, Sheree Scott (FULL)
Computer Applications gr. 8-12: Lee Bullock, Tonya Vaughn (FULL)
ACT Prep gr. 9-12: Team teacher needed (6 spaces)
Study Hall gr. 7-12: TBA (5 spaces)
Young Zoologists gr. 5-6: Candice Register, Melanie Davis (FULL)
Tinkers, Thinkers & the Science that Changed the World gr. 3-4$: Megan Coggin, Heather Green (FULL)
Little Earthlings gr. 1-2: Angela Segrest, Lindsey Baughcum (FULL)
Biomes through Art gr. P-K: Sonya Maddox, Sara Ingram, Heather Doctor Perrotta (3 spaces)
Tutoring Time gr. 1-6 (elementary version of study hall with help from a teacher): TBA (6 spaces)

Team Teachers
All classes have what we call "team teachers" (two or three parents who teach) to ensure a low teacher-student ratio. Our teachers are fellow homeschooling parents with a degree, special knowledge, work experience or passion for the subject that they want to share with students. You do NOT have to teach a class to enroll your child, but team teaching a class comes with a discount and holds our children's spots.

To sign up, email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your name, address, phone, children's names, ages, grades, and what classes they would like. If the classes you want are full, email to be placed on the waiting list for last-minute openings. If you miss the deadline, we will put you on the early notification list for the following semester.



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