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We aim to keep co-op affordable, so class fees pay for supplies only. Indeed, no one at co-op gets paid. All fees are per semester, not per week. There are no refunds, even if a class is canceled.

The cost of co-op is:
  • $75 Family Registration Fee per family per semester (discounts available; see below)
  • Any fees per class (usually between $1 and $18 (see Class Descriptions for the semester in question)
  • Any books or additional supplies required by classes (see Class Descriptions for the semester in question)

The $75 Family Registration Fee covers co-op insurance, facility rental, and minimal operating expenses, and discounts are available (see below). Individual class fees usually range between $1 and $18 per course for the entire semester, not per week nor per month. Books are required for some junior high and high school classes, but not all. Books are not required for preschool through elementary.

All fees must be paid on Registration and Orientation Day in cash. We are sorry, but checks and credit cards will not be accepted. If these costs present a hardship to you, please consult with the Leadership Team in advance.

We are pleased to offer discounts on the family registration fee again this semester! Would you enjoy working with another parent to "team teach" a class together? Or, rather than teach a class, would you prefer to plan the history feast, mid-semester meeting lunch, or last-day luncheon? Maybe you are naturally oganized and would enjoy managing the storage closet. Or perhaps being on the set-up or clean-up crew would use your talents to best advantage. Whatever your unique skills may be, we need you to keep co-op functioning successfully.

To show our appreciation for our dedicated volunteers, discounts are offered for: 

Teacher or Team Teacher: $10 per class
Turn in lesson plans 48 hours early: $5 per class
Set-Up Crew: $10
Clean-Up Crew: $10
Lunch Clean-Up Crew: $10
Storage Coordinator: $10
Feast/Luncheon Coordinator: $10
Box Tops Coordinator: $10
Pop Tabs Coordinator: $10
5 Canned Foods (bring 5 cans to Registration!): $5
Current Outlook Academy member: $5

Email carren(a)outlookacademy(dot)com for more information.