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Pre-registering your children via email is required.
Classes are kept small, usually between 10 and 12, so they fill quickly! We don't want anyone arriving on Registration and Orientation Day and finding all the classes they need to be already full. Signing up in advance via email holds a space for your child. You then must attend Orientation & Registration Day to complete registration and pay fees.

To register for one, two, three or all four classes, please email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your name, phone number, city, child's name, age/grade, and classes.

If you have missed the registration deadline or if all the classes you want for your children are full, we will be happy to place you on the notification list for the next semester. Families on the notification list are emailed immediately after current co-op families sign up for the semester and before pre-registration opens to the homeschool community at large. To be placed on the notification list, please email carren(at)outlookacademy(dot)com with your name, your phone number, child's name, and age/grade.

Before registering, please prayerfully consider your decision. Would participating in a homeschool co-op enhance or exhaust your family at this season in your lives? Read the FAQs and articles on this web site, particularly 15 Reasons Not To Join Our Co-op, so you can make an informed decision on whether this co-op will fit your family. The advantages and disadvantages of homeschool co-ops should be considered before signing up for any co-op. Please weigh all of them as you prayerfully consider what the Lord may have planned for your family this year.

Final Registration
To complete your registration, you must attend the mandatory, parents-only Orientation and Registration two weeks before classes start at Coosada Baptist Church in Coosada, which is near Millbrook. At that time you will turn in completed forms and fees (details will be emailed the week before). As this is a parents-only meeting, please secure a sitter for your children well in advance. Immediately following the meeting, team teachers will receive their money and class lists.

High School
High school classes are college prep, and weekly class discussions and activities revolve around the homework assignments. For these reasons and for the sake of serious students, we request that only students who are seriously interested in the subjects, intend to complete the assignments, and are prepared to participate in discussions sign up for the high school classes. Since some high school classes are open to grades 6-8, please be mindful of the academic level of the class and the maturity of your child before enrolling your child in a high school class.

Full Classes
High school students and their siblings have priority, after teachers' children, so do not let a "full" elementary class deter you from registering. Email to see if your high schooler will elevate your family's priority enough to ensure enrollment in otherwise full classes. Even higher priority than high school siblings are teachers' children. Teaching or team teaching just one class will guarantee your children's places in co-op all day, so let us know if you would like to team teach a class to ensure enrollment in otherwise full classes.